Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Silent Movies

Silent Movies

No, I would not like to watch a silent movie. It is good at the start but when have been watching it for a while it starts to get boring because there no talking. also because some of the things don't make any sense at all.


  1. Hi Abby!

    Thank you for giving a really honest opinion on the silent movies, I think that they are definitely a bit tricky to get into!
    Which of the videos did you watch? The Lions Cage or The Gold Rush?
    I think I like The Lions Cage best.
    Have you seen the movie Wall-E? I know the whole thing isn't a silent movie but I think that the movie is still entertaining even though it has limited talking, what do you think?

    Keep up the great posts Abby!
    Ellee :)

    1. Hi Ellee
      I watched the Lion cage because gold rush was not working.I like the movie Wall-E even though it doesn't have a lot of talking also because it is very entertaining because there is something always happen.

    2. Hi Abby!

      I am glad you watched the Lions Cage, I think it is better than the Gold Rush trailer!
      Yeah I agree with you I think it is very entertaining too. I really like Wall-E, I think he is adorable - who is your favourite character?

      Ellee :)


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