Friday, 5 January 2018


The kiwiana I put in was L&p,Marmite, Mr Wippy,Pohutukawa Tree,Kiwi,Tui, and Rugby.


  1. Hey Abby!

    Cool postcard! I would like to get one of these in the mail for sure!
    I really like the two people playing rugby on the beach, they look really awesome running towards each other and its a great piece of kiwiana.
    Mmmmmm L&P! I really like L&P, its one of my favourite fizzys, how about you?
    I think its very cool that you have parked Mr. Whippy up on the beach so when the rugby players have a break they can jog over and get an ice-cream, no problems!

    Great job with all your kiwiana Abby, which is your favourite kiwi icon?

    Let me know,
    Ellee :)

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