Friday, 5 January 2018

Meat And 3 Veg

Would I like to have the meat and 3 vegetable?

No! I would not like to live in the 1950s and have to eat this. It would be boring and say if you did not like the meat what would you eat? Nothing, just vegetables. Yes, it is healthy. But having the same type of meal for tea every day for the 365 days of the year. I would defiantly not like it.

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  1. Hey Abby!

    Good call, I like a bit of variety in my meals too! But I do like the sound of meat and three veg meals.... I think it is just lucky that I do like vegetables and meat otherwise you are right it might be pretty boring!

    I think my combination of choice would be: Steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, cauliflower/broccoli and beans.
    What about you? What would your meat and three veg meal be?
    Maybe you could post up some photos of it?

    Awesome response Abby, you have thought about your answer very carefully and I liked that you shared a very honest opinion!

    Keep it up!
    Ellee :)


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