Thursday, 4 January 2018

Making A Fashion Stamment

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  1. Hi Abby!

    I really love the way you have presented this activity, it looks beautiful and really pops on your blog!

    I think the fashion back then is lovely but it is a little bit too formal for me, I am waaaayy too attached to my comfy clothes (like my track pants and hoodies) to wear what they used to wear! How about you? Do you prefer our clothes now or then?

    I think that in the future we might have a clothing app where we pick whatever outfit we want and it will be delivered to us through new technology that arrives instantly and the clothes will be fitted to our bodies exactly! (no more standard clothing sizes like there are now!)
    What do you think? how will we dress in the future?

    Awesome job at presenting your work Abby, it looks beautiful!
    Ellee :)


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