Friday, 12 January 2018

Leading New Zealand

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  1. Hi Abby!

    Great job with your sheet on Jim Bolger, did you find him interesting to read about?

    I think it is pretty impressive that he was Prime Minister for 7 years! I also can't believe he had 9 kids.... he could have related pretty well to the families in the 1800's aye?!

    I have really enjoyed reading about a Prime Minister I didn't know much about, sounds like he had a pretty interesting life.

    Would you like to be the Prime Minister of new Zealand Abby? I think it would be a pretty tough job... Maybe if you were a Prime Minister you could make the Woodstock hotel send you BBQ Pork ribs everyday for lunch/dinner!!

    Awesome post Abby, keep it up!
    Ellee :)


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