Thursday, 18 January 2018

Blade Runner

What new Zealand look like in 80- 90 years

What will they eat?
I think they will eat some fancy new fruit. Like a barrot (banana and carrot) or an aprium ( apricot and plum). There will be way more technology in houses. Like a robot that cleans and tidies the house. People would get around in flying cars. People will work to improve the technology and fix the flying cars. People would live in houses shaped like balls, pyramids, cubes and more shapes. They could be made of recycled plastic, carpet, and glass. Every person must have to plant a tree. They might create robot pets (eg robot lions, tigers, dogs, turtles, dinosaurs and birds).


  1. Hi Abby!

    Wow! The future sounds like a lot of fun!
    I am interested to see what a barrot and aprium will looks like... and taste like! Will a barrot be hard or soft?

    I like the idea of living in crazy different shapes for a house, that could be fun! Which shape would you like to live in? I also like the idea of using recyclable materials to build them that's clever!

    Every person planting a tree sounds pretty good to me! What made you think of that idea?

    Wow! Robot pets sounds pretty cool.... will they look like robots or will they look realistic? What animal would you pick for your pet? I think I would pick an orangutan! :) or maybe a turtle.....or both!

    This is the final activity Abby! Well done! :) - I have had a look and these are the activities you have missed along the way:

    Week 1:
    . Day 5 Activity 2, Day 5 Bonus
    Week 2:
    . Day 3 Bonus
    Week 3:
    . Day 3 Bonus, Day 4 Activity 1, Day 4 Bonus, Day 5 Bonus
    Week 4:
    . Day 2 Bonus, Day 3 Activity 1, Day 4 Activity 2, Day 4 Bonus

    It is completely up to you if you would like to go through and complete these activities. I would love to continue reading through your posts but in case you finish up here I would just like to say: Congratulations! You have done some really amazing work over the summer and you should feel really proud of yourself! Thank you for making my job lots of fun :)

    Ellee :)

  2. Hi Abby

    My name is Allie and I am the cluster manager for the SLJ in Toki Pounamu. It is really great to read through your posts over the summer. You have done a really great job.
    I see you have completed the final activity so Well done!

    Thank you for taking part in the first Summer Learning Journey on the West Coast. To gain maximum point I see Ellee has let you know the ones you can go back and do, but this is up to you.

    I know that Ellee has really enjoyed commenting on your blog over the summer and would love you to give these ones a go.

    Well done Abby and I look forward to meeting you when I come to Kaniere School in February with certificates and prizes.

    Congratulations and well done Abby !

    Until then

    Allie :)


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