Monday, 18 December 2017

My Waka Trip to New Zealand

100 Fizzybar street



To Lucy

I am writing to you from on this boat called a waka. It has weird wooden designs on it. I am absolutely soaked, there is no shelter what so ever. It has been raining for ages the sun has just come out. You should have seen the enormous wave we just experience. I am staving, all have to eat is fruit and vegetables. It will soon my turn to paddle again. I am excited but also very nerves to move to New Zealand. I wonder what the people are like. I am excited to try this called Marmite. I hope you are okay.

From Abby

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  1. Hi Abby!

    Your letter to your friend Lucy is great! I really like the way you have described the waka and what it might be like to travel on one having to deal with the weather and waves!

    Why do you think people would leave their own countries to travel so far in such scary conditions?.... maybe it really is the Marmite! although I think I enjoy Peanut butter better myself :)

    I also liked that you told your friend how you were feeling moving to a new country, what do you think you might have been nervous or excited about?

    I'm sure your friend Lucy would really appreciate this letter Abby, keep up the great blogging!



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